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Get ready for three memorable evenings of fun and cultural immersion!
Join us for a welcome cocktail at the conference venue on the first night, where you can mingle and unwind after the Opening Ceremony.
On the second night, embark on a captivating city tour and explore the vibrant streets of Naples, ending up at an ancient Woolen Mill factory (Lanificio 25) for a Street Food experience while immersing yourself in its rich heritage.
And on our final evening, experience the grandeur of a gala dinner in the historic setting of the ancient St. Chiara’s Monastery (Complesso Monumentale Santa Chiara) in the historical city center. Before dining, take a moment to wander through the monastery’s cloister and admire its timeless beauty.
Get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime!

  • May 21st – Welcome Cocktail at Villa Doria D’Angri – € 90,00 if separately bought (subject to availability)
    Dress code: business casual
  • May 22nd – Street Food experience in the Heart of Naples at Lanificio 25 (guided Tour of San Severo Chapel or  the Underground Naples, included)€ 90,00  if separately bought  (subject to availability)
    Dress code: comfortable/dress in layers for underground city tour, dinner and dancing
  • May 23rd – Gala* and Award Dinner at Complesso Monumentale Santa Chiara (guided tour of the Cloister, included). – € 170,00 if separately bought (subject to availability)
     Dress code: formal/semi-formal

Please note:
You can get a special deal if you book the whole package at the discounted rate of  € 300,00. (subject to availability)
 All rates are VAT 22% Not included

**All tickets are subjected to availability. As such, we encourage to book your ticket in advance if not included in your registration..


Dive into Naples’ peak season, where every moment is pure magic!

Welcome Cocktail at Villa Doria d’Angri
Tuesday, May 21st


Street Food Experience at Lanificio 25
Wednesday, May 22nd


Gala Dinner at Complesso Monumentale S. Chiara
Friday, May 23rd