Lecture of Honor
Vibration Testing Avenues: from ground to roof

Elsa Caetano

Elsa Caetano
Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal

Short biography
Elsa Caetano received her PhD in Civil Engineering in 2001 from the University of Porto, and the Habilitation in 2011. She is presently Full Professor at the Department of Civil Engineering of this University.

Elsa Caetano has a background in Experimental Structural Dynamics and her research and consultancy has focused on the dynamics of bridges and special structures. Particular topics of her research are Cable Dynamics, Pedestrian and Wind Induced Vibrations, Passive Control Systems and Structural Health Monitoring.

The lecture will discuss challenging applications in the field of Operational Modal Analysis, such as moveable football fields, the tensioned roofs, a sculpture with damage and an operational modal testing of columns on top of a tower.